Friday, September 10, 2010

distal tibia fracture...Our First of Its Kind

Ouch! The school nursed called me during Zach's lunch. She said, "His teacher sent him to me, he's been limping since first recess, he never comes in here, I'm not sure what to make of it." So, in I went to the little trailer they call a nurse's office, and there was a sad little Zach. He had his foot elevated with two little zip lock bags with 3 little frozen paper towels in each one resting on top. His foot didn't look very swollen, but there was definitely point tenderness around his ankle. He screamed every time we tried to put his shoe back on, so I took him home (shoes are mandatory at school). He never complains about aches or pains, or cuts or bruises, so I took him seriously when he said it hurt like a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. But I'm never in a hurry to go to the doctor! So, I watched him for a few hours, hoping it would be obviously sprained or it would miraculously stop hurting, but with no luck. Around 4pm I decided it was now or never, I was supposed to be driving the older boys to football at 5:30pm, so we went to urgent care. I just have to say, "I love that place!" (a true Junie B. Jones phrase). We were in and out in 1 hour, with x-rays of both ankles for comparisons, a nice inflatable foot brace, crutches that were the right size (instead of Eli's he had been using that were huge), and recommendations for pediatric orthopedic doctors to help with follow up care. All for FREE! Just kidding, they'll bill me, always a little scary! So, I'll try to keep you updated on his progress. He couldn't ride his bike to school today, so I drove him in the car, that felt weird...we've been on bikes for so long it was different to drop him off with the car, and we forgot to hug. We'll have to add that to the new drop off routine.

Oh, I forgot to explain what happened... Nothing! It's so sad, he was just standing there, his ankle rolled (no divot, no pot hole, no bump on the ground, not tackle football, not jumping on the trampoline, not jumping off his bed, nothing), and it broke. Now that's a mystery all by itself! I looked at his bone x-rays, his bones look beautiful, all perfect everywhere else. I'm sure the pediatric orthopedic doctor will shed some light on the mystery. The appointment is Monday, so we don't have to wait very long. Now we just hope he doesn't have an accident with those crutches, he's a bit wobbly, and seems to think he's racing somewhere.

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