Thursday, September 16, 2010

Desert Dweller...:(

I JUST got stung by this small tan scorpion!!! I was sorting out our laundry, just now, and I got a nasty little poke in my forearm and looked down and there was this scorpion. And today was shaping up to be such a lovely day! Both Ryon and I worked outside this morning and I guess one of us brought in a scorpion on our clothes. Now, I normally don't wear shoes, but miraculously, I had on my sandals and SMASH! I don't know if I've ever been so intent on making sure something so small was so dead before in my entire life. It's dead. I put it in a nice little offering place outside, so the birds can eat it, or I can show the kids when they get home from school. The sting was near my wrist (where I have fat, and no major arteries), but I'm starting to feel the pins and needles close to my arm pit...but at least for now it's probably a 1 on a scale of 1 to need to feel too badly for me (it isn't hurting quite as much as a bee sting). I think more than anything it makes me feel I'll be watching every step I take and every piece of clothes I pick up for quite a while. I did find a very very small scorpion in our knife drawer a few months ago (like less than 1/8"). It was about as flat as a sheet of paper sliced in half the thin way. So, either a knife got it or ...whatever happened it got killed some how. So, they are around here, we just don't see them very often. Today is the first time any of us have been stung, pretty good since we've lived in Arizona off and on for 14 years. Let's wait at least another 14 years before the next one!
This is the same one as above that stung me, right after I squished it to blends in with the floor so nicely...why don't I always wear shoes?

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