Monday, September 20, 2010

Pasta Italiana!

The boys had a great surprise when they got home from their day of football on Saturday! Bea made delicious tagliatelle (pasta) for all of us. I've made noodles a couple times by myself (unsuccessfully), and well...I had NO idea how to make noodles! It was great to watch how it's done, I learned a lot. And maybe I'll be able to make yummy, tender tagliatelle like Bea, all by myself some day. Thanks Bea!

I've been playing around with making homemade corn tortillas, too. It's SO incredibly easy! I'm realizing every country has their grain of choice and how they prepare their staple grain food. Corn tortillas are SO much easier to make than yeast bread! They have 2 ingredients and no real kneading and they cook in 20 seconds. Now that's simple! It takes about 20 minutes to make about 24 tortillas, and they are so tasty fresh off the griddle!

This is my corn tortilla press...I tried rolling them out once...the press is so much better!

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