Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Evening of Excellence!

So, much has happened since my last post! Bea and Ricky attended Homecoming, they were absolutely beautiful! I went to the Relief Society Conference so I missed seeing their dates pick them up:(. So, I don't have pictures to post. But the conference was worth it! I am inspired to be a better woman.

I'm going to Wisconsin in's been way too long since I've been out that way (5 1/2 years)! So, I'm taking my 2 little boys so they can experience Nana and Papa's house...and their new puppy.

I'm experiencing fall allergies...ugh! They make my eyes itch, my nose run, my throat hurt, and I feel tired. It's not a really inspiring affair. My brain is in a cloud and I mostly just want my nose to stop dripping! I'm trying to decide if I'm inspired to see an allergist, yet? I'm not one who would take claratin every day (it makes me tired, anyway)...or go get a shot once a week for 6 years. But I might try those under the tongue drops...I could be good at that, I think.

Tonight is Evening of Excellence. It's a time to celebrate Savanah. She's become an amazing teenager! She plays the piano when ever she's got a spare moment...and it's beautiful to listen to her playing! I was a bit worried she'd be too shy to play in front of our international students, but it hasn't phased her, I'm so glad. Tonight Savanah is going to display her swim related things, and life guarding things. She's progressing so well in personal progress! I'm proud of you Savanah!

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