Sunday, October 31, 2010

Football Playoffs Saturday

All four of our boys are on teams that were good enough to be in the football playoffs. Eli's team was ranked 8th out of the 8 teams. So, they got to play against the first ranked Terminators in the single elimination playoffs and (guess what?) THEY WON!!! Against all odds! How many feet could you imagine would be the biggest penalty you'd give to a bunch of 8th and 9th graders in a football game? Would you guess 70 yards??? Yes! Eli's team earned a 70 yard penalty?! The Raiders scored a touch down, were penalized for excessive celebrating a touch down, then the touch down was taken away, but the penalty wasn't and then there were penalties for this and that... until we were lined up on the 10 yard line on the opposite side of the field, I kid you not! It was rediculous, and Ryon almost lost his voice telling them so! :)

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