Friday, November 5, 2010

Wisconsin-Day One and Two

Our first day was a wonderful travel day filled with 2 flights (the long one, and then the fun short one. The clouds around Wisconsin were just amazing from the air . ) and a drive that was perfect for talking with my parents (the boys rested...and "almost fell asleep"). Everything went as planned on our way here and the boys were absolutely perfect. We arrived at Nana and Papa's house to a cool 30' F, but their house is toasty warm, thanks to the wood furnace and Papa's hard work! We've met Moseby, Charlie, and Bart...their dog and cats. They are all part of the family here. Nana made us a delicious pork roast with home grown potatoes, carrots, and onions for our first dinner here. It's been years since I had homemade horseradish, it was so good. And we've had cheesecake and fresh berry pie with ice cream!

We've picked and eaten fresh spinach and parents are amazing gardeners! I have to much to learn! We are having a lot of fun. Nana got Andrew and Ryon rapid fire Nerf guns this's a war zone now:). And this afternoon we are going to make cards. I'm looking forward to that, Nana's the best!

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