Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Night

The funny thing about this photo is Beatrice doesn't like bell peppers, at all! But she helped me chop and freeze them, any way. Well, two frosty nights pretty much mark the end of anything with sensitive leaves in our garden...ie: watermelon, cantaloupe, beans, bell peppers, TOMATOES (I'm really so sad), and basil. I feel like this frost came so much earlier than it did last year, I wasn't nearly prepared to save everything. So, last night, right before dinner, I sent out my troops to gather watermelons (24 watermelons to be exact), and after school yesterday Eli and I cleared the pepper plants (a huge silver bowl full), plus a bowl of tomatoes...I'm contemplating fried green tomatoes (any one have any thoughts on those?). So, even though it marks the end of this gardening season, I'm ready for the Christmas season to begin.
We decorated for Christmas for Family Home Evening last night. We "sang" some Christmas carols...poor Ricky had to close her eyes and go to a safe place in her mind for most of it. Having five boys really has its perks...but screaming instead of singing...well, it's not one of those perks in my book:). So, now the living room feels warm and welcoming. Even though I have lots of Santas around (thanks to generous family and friends), the center of the season for me is my Savior Jesus Christ. In the middle of all the decorations we put our manger scene, with a sign above it that reads, "Wise Men Still Seek Him." How true that is still, more than 2000 years after his birth. We would be wise to seek Him more than we do.
We went to the temple lights on Sunday night. Everyone is welcome every night in December to see a free Christ centered concert & free international creche exhibits...the bell choir is Dec. 19th...it's my personal favorite! Merry Christmas! (What? It isn't December, yet...Do I care?:) The Christmas season has begun in my little world.)

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