Sunday, November 28, 2010


Just thought you might want to see our turkeys...

We were treated to the best Southern hospitality this Thanksgiving! The feast was delicious, colorful, healthy, and comforting (comfort food). Our hosts were entertaining and welcoming. The kids had fun playing football with the dads, and I had fun being a guest, talking and listening. This Thanksgiving we were VERY grateful for friends, family, and exchange students, and amazing food!

We celebrated our private family Thanksgiving last night when Ryon and the boys returned from their father and sons camp out. The food wasn't nearly as amazing as Thanksgiving Day, but we had fun being grateful together as a family while eating turkey and mashed potatoes. We each talked about things we are grateful for in our lives. I heard a lot of: family, friends, food, school, the earth, plants, our home, and Ricky and Bea. The photos are of a bouquet I made with flowers from our yard, including the world's most deadly plant...that I happen to be growing (Savanah seems to think that is so funny), and the salad has all fresh greens from our gardens, and of course our family. Family meals are my favorite part of most days, it's like my heart breaks into 10 pieces and runs around doing things all day long, then at the end of the day it all comes back together and we truly love to be together to eat.

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