Saturday, November 20, 2010

My New Favorite Game!!!

Sorry the photo is blurry...but I hope you get the idea...
"Mom, can you play a game with me?" I hear it about 20 times every afternoon, and then when I've finished the most urgent part of my work (I know it's horrible) we go play kickball one on one, or battle ship, or draw a picture, or put a puzzle together. But honestly, I'm not very good at playing, it should be fun, right? I try to smile and try hard, but there's always so much else on my mind...until Nerf gun shooting gallery on Friday. I love this game!! We lay on the floor with our semi-automatic Nerf riffles and shoot these little guys and horses that stand in the hallway and whoever shoots down the most, first, wins, and guess what? IT IS SO FUN!!! I get to aim, and I'm a great shot, and Ry always gets to shoot first, and he sets up the guys, and I load both's really a lot of fun! And by the way, he's quite a strategic planner...I was winning every time, so he set up the guys like dominoes (he being the first shot and all), so he shoots and with one bullet down go the first 9 guys (out of 12...there were 3 horses that didn't go down, they are a bit harder). And so, of course he won, because I was second and couldn't beat 9 with only 3 left after his first shot. Even with his strategic planning, and winning...Hands down it is so much more fun than coloring, or puzzles, or kickball:). Let's play this game every day! I almost asked him if he wanted to play a game today:) But then I had to wash sweet potatoes:) there's still a lot on my mind, but when I was playing shooting gallery it all melted away and I just wanted to knock down those guys!

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