Saturday, November 20, 2010

On the First Day of Thanksgiving My True Love Gave to Me...

...some back breaking physical labor to harvest lots of sweet potatoes.

Today we (Ryon, Eli, Nathaniel, and Zach) harvested 66 pounds of sweet potatoes (Ryon & Eli had the bathroom scale out), and a 17 pound watermelon, plus a little basil, a tomato, and an orange bell pepper. I feel grateful for our bountiful harvest! We have been very blessed here! Yesterday we brought in 12 eggs...although there weren't any today.

We brought our little red hen into the garden this morning to eat the cockroaches, crickets, and HUGE caterpillars (that were the size of my middle finger, where was my camera then?)we were feels like a waste to just let them burrow back into the dirt:). She just hangs out ready to peck it was just perfect!
I've already processed about 20 pounds of sweet potatoes this afternoon and I'm going to freeze them. I'm looking forward to pumpkin...I mean sweet potato and cranberry bread! It's moist and delicious, I can't wait...well maybe I can wait until tomorrow:). I'm feeling a bit tired!

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