Monday, November 15, 2010

Spuds, Rip Sticks, and Football

Dress A Spud In Duds! And the winner is...Eli! It was that time again, to dress a potato in some book character clothes. I was in Wisconsin this year, so Savanah and Eli set to work and Eli earned the "Best Resemblance of Character" award. Can you guess his character? I'll give you a hint...Mercer Mayer. I think it looked a bit better before it went to and from school in his back pack, most things do. Notice the homemade overalls with tack buttons and the smartie eyes, so creative! Great job, Eli!
The kids are loving the wave boards that Nana and Papa sent home for them. Zachary suggested the kids come up with a sign language for the drive way so there aren't so many head on collisions. :0 They are having a lot of fun! Andrew said, "Tell Nana the rip sticks are AWESOME!" Thanks! The weather is perfect for riding hard in the drive way now! I'm sure they will get great use all winter!

Zach and Nathaniel both played in their AYSA state championship football games on Saturday. It was super hot in the stands, I layered everyone and by 9am we were trying to make shade from all of our jackets and sweatshirts...and by the end of the last game we looked like lobsters! Do you think I will ever remember that it gets to 90' F in Arizona in November? But the boys made the heat worth it! Zach caught the kick off punt in the first play of the game. He and his team played well and won with a final score of 40-0. Nathaniel played a great game also and his team won...both of them were so happy and surprised to bring home beautiful state champion trophies!

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