Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday in Wisconsin

Tuesday was our last day in Wisconsin. This was the best visit home I've ever had! I'd recommend flying home late your last day to anyone traveling far away. We had one last day to visit with my family and pack. Much better than the 3am flights! :) My mom and I created a lot of beautiful cards & book marks in the morning. I had so much fun working with her in her craft room! Then, later in the morning I met my cousin may not have been the first time I met him, but I don't remember the last time if there was one, I don't even remember having a cousin Todd. Chris and Adam had him helping them with framing and I guess later in the day with trusses. I love that remodeling is a family thing for my parents. We got to see the trusses arrive on a big truck. The boys watched from atop the huge "pumpkins" my parents grew and have decorating their front yard. After lunch we headed to Madison for a little sight seeing before our flight.

We toured the capitol at the speed of light, which is actually the speed I like to look at historic buildings :)! It is really an amazing structure! We arrived just a little late to walk out onto the 4th floor observation deck, maybe next time. The diverse stones and murals and overall grandeur of the capitol are just wonderful! After we left the capitol we went to Ella's Deli. It was a fun little cafe with lots of entertainment in the way of moving characters and games. Each dinning table has a theme inside of it like a moving train on tracks that you can start from your table, origami, yo-yo's, pezz dispensers, just all different kinds. It was extremely impressive! My mom bought us ice cream sundaes there, the boys' sundays looked like clowns complete with sugar cone hats and m&m eyes. It was a fun place to end our visit to Wisconsin.

Our flights home were fast and mostly on-time. So, we arrived home at about midnight. All the kids were asleep, but we saw them this morning. I'm glad everyone fared very well while we were gone! We had a lot of fun, and we're happy to be at home.

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