Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We drove out to San Diego this weekend amidst 4 days of pouring rain to celebrate my mother-in-law's 60th birthday. All of Ryon's siblings came and we celebrated Christmas on Saturday and the big birthday on Monday. I love seeing all of my brothers & sisters-in-law and our nieces and nephews! Our nieces and nephews are the cutest little people! It's hard to tell by the pictures, but they have the cutest curls, little dimples, piercing eyes, and contagious smiles!
Ryon's brother and his wife welcomed us into their home for 4 nights. They are so hospitable, offering us tons of food, beds, washing and folding our laundry, and even let Ry wear Soren's clothes (I was so frustrated that I forgot to pack pants for Ry Guy!). Our kids love to play with their cousins, so it was fun to be together for so long, and the rain made it impossible to do outdoor activities, so we got to chat and enjoy their company for hours each day.
Kirk planned a beautiful dinner for Jan at a restaurant that overlooked the bay and a light house. The kids favorite part was the ice cream buffet that included everything from m&m's to whipped cream and gummy bears. Kirk also organized the grandchildren to entertain the whole family. The kids played violin, guitar, presented a poem, and sang. I enjoyed our trip, even with 9 of us packed into the car like sardines, it was totally worth the trip!
Now to get Christmas taken care of....last night we did our family gift exchange. It was great to see what each person made for someone else. We had it early, so we could include Ricky. We took her to the airport this morning, and she should be home by Christmas Eve. We'll miss her here, but I'm excited for her to be with her mother, father, and brother for Christmas.

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Princess Gerty said...

I'm glad you had a fun trip! I am sad that Ricky had to go. I know she will be really missed! How nice for her to be home for Christmas, though!