Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Count My Many Blessings!

(lovely...chickie poo poos and everything!)

Why do I work outside of my home? (Service? Money? Gullible?) I just get stressed out...completely, and I don't feel happy. I've been juggling 2 jobs for a day...really three counting being the mother of 8. This afternoon I took an extended bike ride with Ry in the trailer (to get some exercise, I was way too stressed) to pick up some oranges from our friend's trees and then when we got home we collected 23 eggs from our chickens and turkey (I still think it's a male). And I feel so happy pulling weeds, gathering eggs, and hanging out with Ry guy. Do I want to work outside our home? Do I need to work? Work doesn't feel like work when it is fun...hmmmm. I'm still counting my many blessings...my life is full of them! Health, work, play, eggs, tomatoes that weathered the frost, zinnias that are still in bloom, fresh baked bread, family that we love and that loves us, true friends, 85' in December...I really do love these days, a moment when I feel free to write a blog post for my mom, and my list goes on...but I have to run and get some work done. I'm sorry I haven't called! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Princess Gerty said...

My dear friend, I hope you are feeling less stressed! Let me know what I could do for you--and hopefully we'll see you all next week! Merry Christmas!