Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Hope You Had A Merry Christmas!

As I perused my Christmas photos from this morning I was reminded of a question posed to me by one of my boys not too long ago, "What are matching clothes?" I suppose it is my fault. Matching clothes doesn't seem nearly as important to me as it once was:). I seem to have this list of things that are most important in life and matching clothes and especially pajamas is obviously at the bottom of my list:)! I love Andrew's creative and colorful choices for Christmas morning. He wore someone elses' (probably Ry's) too small Pirates of the Caribbean pajama shirt paired with who knows what design that is gray, purple, and yellow bottoms. And he was so happy this morning, sitting on the openers' rug, getting things he asked for and lots of surprises, I guess clothes don't really matter, even on Christmas morning, or maybe especially on Christmas morning... Although, Savanah, you looked really cute in your white and black polka dotted p.j.'s (THANKS Nana)!

Christmas morning this year and last year were so fun! My children seem to now understand the spirit of giving. Savanah used her own money to buy a present for each of her 7 siblings, and she gave Ryon and I gifts also. Eli gave multiple gifts to each of us, and 1/2 the presents under the tree for Andrew were from Ry Guy. It makes Christmas morning so fun for everyone to be excited to see the gifts they gave being opened. Bea gave each of us something special. She gave me a web I just need a computer that isn't such a dinosaur to use it on:). As soon as we get some RAM we should be up and running! THANKS Bea!!!

And Nana & Papa everyone loved their underclothes and socks! Almost everyone has already tried them on. They were definitely a favorite from today!

I think Santa got a great deal on rubber balls this year (like less than .10 each) so we got 19 balls for Christmas! So, we had a great game of Dr. dodge ball this morning. It's another of my favorite games, seriously.

We've spent most of the day playing games together, sorting Legos (old ones, Ryon made a Lego divider for Nathaniel), and eating. Yesterday our neighbor delivered his annual gift of smoked pork! It is amazing!!! There's nothing quite like it, DELICIOUS!

We're all so happy today! I love Christmas! It's a bit stressful leading up to the day, but Christmas is more magical now than it ever was when I was a child or younger parent. I get less presents than ever, but I feel a lot of joy. My life is full of presents, they just come in different forms than Christmas gifts, which is fine with me:).

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Princess Gerty said...

Merry Christmas! It really is cool to see your children enjoy the true spirit of Christmas! We hope to see you all soon!