Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to School

Well, I didn't remember to take pictures of New Year's Eve, or any thing between Christmas and now...maybe because my December 2010 photo folder held about 400 pictures... I can certainly over do photos at times. The last week has been fun with the kids home, played a ton of games and I was reminded of how much smarter than me they all are...I can't win at games any more. Nathaniel was the shining star of most of the games, once he figures them out...there's no hope, he's a problem/puzzle solver from the word go! Half of the kids headed back to school today and the rest return tomorrow. I miss them already.

We've had COLD weather! So cold Ry had to wear a sweatshirt in the middle of the day to play kickball...that may not sound so cold, but he went out with bare feet to walk on the frost that morning. Today it feels like the super cold (50-28' F) maybe be gone for a while... But it all just adds up to more peaches in the spring :).

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