Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spelling/ Geography Bee

I'm sure when I began my blogging I apologized for my horrible spelling. Good spelling, sometimes even decent spelling is, to say the least, not my greatest talent! So, my heart swelled with admiration when my Zachary won the spelling bee in his classroom and is advancing to the school wide spelling bee...and now I'm not even sure I spelled bee correctly (is it really like bumble bee?). Zach is 9 and has been spelling at a 9th grade level and above for quite a while...that means words like froufrou & lackadaisical, I didn't even know those had real spellings! And words like leviathan and oscillation and ameliorate. See, Zach has this knack for on the other hand, some times I think about how to spell and then sometimes my mind has a mind of its when I wrote flower on my flour container... Way to go Zach you are an awesome speller! And one my highlights of yesterday was when Nathaniel asked to get out of school to go watch Zach in the all school spelling bee...We are all so proud of you Zach!

Eli is winning the Geography Bee for his classroom! And do you want to know why? One word...well 2 actually...SHOWER CURTAIN! If you've ever been to our boys bathroom you know it's a geography bee winner waiting to happen! We have 2 shower/bathroom stalls side by side each with a world map shower curtain and while the bathrooms are in use the boys quiz each other and have for years about the countries around the world. So, as Eli hears the questions he remembers the colors of the countries and the countries surrounding them and with his near photographic memory he answers correctly! Amazing to me really! I don't really even know where my city sits inside my's not that I haven't looked at it a 100's just that retention thing. Oh and when we lived in Wisconsin for a short time my parents set my kids up with the U.S. state quarters and all first round questions applied to those quarters, which Eli has studied since he was 3 years old!

Being a mom is so rewarding! Andrew summed it up a few days ago as he understands it. God blesses us because we read our scriptures every day and we pray every day (and for a few other things). For the new year our primary gave each of our primary kids a red marking pencil and a Book of Mormon. As they read they are to color the entire book red inside. Andrew's goal is to read 4 chapters a day...and he's doing it...he's 7 years old. And he has a heart of gold! You're right Andrew, God is blessing you, always remember that in all of life's accomplishments and set backs...God is blessing you to become what he needs you to be. This time in my life is perfect! All thanks be to God.

And as a side note...Savanah played a beautiful violin solo at Nana's birthday party. What I failed to mention was that she arranged the music by herself!!!! She is a true musician. Another talent I played around with, but never developed like she has done. You are truly amazing me Savanah!

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