Monday, January 10, 2011

Brazil & "The Farm"

We are going to have a Brazilian exchange student move in to our home tonight, I think. I've met her before, and she's very kind. We miss Ricky, and so I'm sure she won't be a substitution, but a nice addition. We're moving the 10th chair back into place at our dinner table, and Bea had her first request since she's been here, I think. She wants to sit on the boy side of the table, so she can watch the girls eat, instead of the boys, I don't blame her!!! :)

Our spring garden is coming along. I have carrots, garlic, green onions, and broccoli planted. I need to read my garden book, and get the rest planted before the 15th of January. Ryon set up a heat lamp for the chickens, because it's been very cold, so now they are laying about a dozen eggs a day. I've begun to sell them...drop me a note if you are interested in buying some:). If you are interested in hatching some, these are Red Star chicken eggs they are very friendly chickens, and VERY good egg layers!

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