Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lili!

Lili is our exchange student from Brazil. She is a fun & kind hearted girl! She makes friends really easily, and is fun to be around. We are having fun getting to know her, she is teaching the boys how to play soccer and loves to play with Ry, Andrew, and Zach. Her great friend Becca came over at 6:30am, baring a soccer ball and a cute teddy bear, now that's a great friend! She celebrated her 17th birthday with us on Tuesday morning...and then had to run to school, and had a soccer game that night. Life is busy for her, even on her birthday. Ry Guy chose to make her chocolate birthday cake in the shape of a heart and even ran outside to get fresh eggs so it would rise up extra high just for Lili, "he loves both his students." I'm glad Lili is here, she & Bea are both a great match with our family...our big happy family. :) We learn so much from having more girls around! Yesterday I got a great lesson about North Korea:).

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