Monday, January 17, 2011

Lookin' Good! But Not really.

I'm hopping up on my soap box now, so if you don't want to know what I truly think...stop reading IMMEDIATELY!
$60,000 is spent to airbrush (falsify) each "photo" on the front of US, Seventeen, and Vogue magazines. Female legs reduced to two-thirds their original size. Five body doubles used to portray one Sandra Bullock in a movie. There is a grossly distorted idea of beautiful that is flaunted on magazines at the store check-outs, commercials on t.v., movies in the theaters, and everywhere there is an ad or story being told, it's all being made up, distorted, rebuilt, and falsified (think of the Internet pop-up ads with distorted physical features). I am disturbed by my society. A society that teaches young girls & all women to be uneasy at best, and ready to stop eating, and go under a knife at a horrible extreme. I can't count on my fingers the number of women I know personally who have altered their bodies for some "beautiful" ideal that is in their minds. And I just want to say, it's good to look in the mirror (at yourself...gasp) and see beautiful. The physical features, what ever they are, that you were given from the God of Heaven and Earth, is perfect! Diversity in cultures is beautiful, why not diversity in body types?

As I grew up, I knew my mother was beautiful. I probably shouldn't go into details, but my little eyes saw her true beauty and it shone for me. But I also heard her say, "I don't like this, and I don't like that." And I wondered, why? And now as I grow older and I see that I look a lot like my mother did when I looked at her as a little girl, I see beautiful. With all my wrinkles, sagginess, and stretch marks. I'm still me. I have battle scars from living my life in the sunshine, from creating six lives within my womb, from getting burned on the oven door, from living a full and fulfilled life. My body may not appear to be perfect to you. But to me, I'm perfectly beautiful and happy with my body, the one God made just for my spirit. And honestly, you were perfect before the silicon implants and tummy tuck. Lasting beauty always comes from within, it can't be sewed on, injected, or removed. Now, try to look in the mirror and see what is really there. You are perfectly beautiful, today! We are unique, not to be compared to one another, be your own kind of beautiful!
Studies show women feel 3 TIMES more dissatisfied with their bodies after looking at fashion and "Hollywood gossip" magazines. Would you keep paying a friend to give you put downs? NO! Then stop paying for publishing companies to do it.

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Christy said...

Well said Jeanette! I love soap boxes so I couldn't help but read it. I love your sunset picture at the top of the blog...beautiful! I hope you and your beautiful family are doing well!