Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Eli won!! He worked hard, and he's been anticipating the announcement of the winners for a month, GREAT job, Eli! A retired Suns player helped judge the entries...and Eli's was his favorite! Ten students' artwork was chosen and they won a 4-day/3-night trip to Boston, MA to view our nation’s “Symbols of Freedom” and attend the Phoenix Suns@ Boston Celtics game. His trip includes two (2) round trip airfare to Boston, MA, hotel accommodations for a three night stay in Boston, MA, tours of national museums and historical landmarks and two (2) tickets to the Phoenix Suns @ Boston Celtics game. Plus two tickets to a local game so all the winners can meet and get to know each other. Eli is so excited!

Ryon and I decided, besides college scholarships, neither of us have ever won such an amazing prize for a competition. Way to go Eli!

In case you didn't get to read his paper before:

American Food
What Freedom Means to Me
Eli Frisch

I’m a growing 12 year old boy, and I like to eat yummy food. Each of my constitutional freedoms is represented by American food.

In school I have learned about my constitutional freedoms. They’re stated in the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. In America we have the freedom of assembly. Without this freedom we couldn’t have a potluck, and I like potlucks. Freedom of the press is the freedom to express your thoughts about something. I’ve been watching the t.v. show “Man verses Food” lately. It’s an intriguing show because this man gets to travel around the US and he gets to eat many different kinds of American food. His freedoms allow him to critique the food and recommend to me which restaurants to go to and what to order. Freedom of religion allows us to choose what we eat and drink for our Sacrament. Without freedom of speech I wouldn’t be able to express my true thoughts about a restaurant and its food. Without freedom of petition my parents couldn’t vote on the zoning of a piece of property where my favorite restaurant is, whether its food makes my mouth water or not.

American food is a pertinent symbol of our constitutional freedoms. It is those freedoms that have drawn people to America of every culture and background, and thankfully they have brought their ethnic foods with them! Every bite I take reminds me of those freedoms. Now, let’s eat, I mean let’s exercise those freedoms!

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