Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Congratulations!

Zach was elected to represent his 4th grade in the student counsel at his school. He's a VERY likable guy and a great leader! Zach wrote a speech to deliver to the student body, but didn't take it to school on speech day, so he was able to make it up as he went...very impressive, Zach! I loved the way he set up his campaign poster! It was a red poster board with negatives all around the outside with his name on the inside and a photo of him. He forgot about making it until 8pm the night before it was due, but once he gathered everything he needed, he finished it in about 30 minutes...I think he's my favorite procrastinator (I'm not very patient with my procrastinators). But when working on his poster Zach was confident about his idea, worked fast, and was ready to finish quickly. He's not a perfectionist (which I appreciate, sometimes there is no perfect, and late at night...well I'm not a perfectionist), but he's really good at everything he does! Congratulations, Zach! I know you'll represent the 4th grade very well!

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