Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Is COLD!!!

Can you tell I'm feeling grumpy? I'm the first to notice it's cold...and the last to warm up! And the last few days it has been about 38'F at 12pm and it's been down to 25' F with the wind chill! That's freezing! And I just can't get myself to work outside for very long when it's so cold, and when I don't stand in the sun for a while I feel...well, I feel grumpy and tired. I wasn't made to live in a cold place, I'm grateful I live in the hot desert, I just want the hot to come back soon! The nights have been cold enough to kill my new tomato plants, even being covered, and it's taken a toll on my citrus trees, too. There's at least one more night (probably 2) of these freezing temperatures, and I hope they don't come back again this spring. I'm ready for our 70's. Sorry to all of my relatives that are buried in snow drifts and are breaking your backs really do live in cold and snowy places, I'm sorry about this storm! I'd warm you all up to 75'F, if I could:).

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