Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Savanah was so beautiful before her winter dance! She gets a bit tired of me wanting to take her picture (thus the big cheeks picture). When she was all ready to go, we went into the living room and all 6 boys shut off their movie and ooed and ahhed over her, and her big daddy put his arms around her and told her, "You are So beautiful!". Her eyes shone like sunshine. Our little girl...she is so loved and so beautiful inside and out.

Happy Valentine's Day! I have a very special Valentine, but he rarely (only a little this side of never) looks at my blog, so I made him an awesome Valentine's Day card to set by his bedside. And tomorrow night I'm making coconut shrimp and mango chutney and Kona Grill's Hawaiian Ribeye with with molten chocolate cakes for dessert. Just a touch of Hawaii to remind us where "we" came from:). This will be the first dessert he's had in months! He's in better shape than when I met him almost 20 years ago! He's lost about 40 pounds! Great job Valentine!

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