Friday, February 18, 2011

Snapshot of my World, It's Just A Phase-I think,...And Shoes

Spring is so beautiful! The days have gotten longer...ahhh! Our peach trees are blooming, we are all excited for some delicious peaches in a few month! The other night the sun was setting behind the peach blossoms and I loved watching it! I'm so grateful we get to see some of the most awe inspiring sunsets in our own backyard! While I was enjoying the sunset, I watched Andrew doing front flips on the trampoline (he's the first in our family to master those), and Zach doing hand stands on the tramp...isn't that hard with all the wiggling of the mat? And with spring comes Valentine's Day and family birthdays!

Ryon bought me roses this Valentine's Day. I love seeing them open a little more everyday. I've been a bit, well, unappreciative of flowers in the past (a big waste of money). But this year they didn't seem as expensive as they always did before, and well, honestly, I'm glad he tried again. I enjoyed our Valentine's Day Dinner! The food was delicious, the decorations were beautiful, and having my family & Bea for company was perfect! Although, it would have been great to have Lili join us, too. I was fully expecting Ryon to think the molten chocolate cakes for dessert were too sweet after his hiatus from sweets, but instead he said they were, "better than I remember." Oh...that's not so good:). The kids are so appreciative of a well planned dinner, I wish I had 8 hours every day to make it, maybe then we'd have less complaints about dinner every night.

I'm going to complain here (that's pretty common for me, I guess), so if you don't like complainers...then maybe read something else. :) I've been tired lately...reminiscent of after I would have a baby. The kind where I wake up tired, think about sleep until afternoon, and then I just want to pass out. If I sit down, I can't possibly stay awake. I notice myself feeling jealous of Ryon and Savanah when they make comments like, "I'm tired this morning (once every few weeks) so I'm going to sleep a half hour longer." Not jealous they are going to sleep a half hour longer, jealous that I don't have any idea what it feels like to wake up and know that today is different than any other tired day, to know that this tired isn't normal and if I slept longer I'd be taking good care of my body. I guess I've been ashamed of being so tired, for so long, that I didn't talk about it much. But now, I'm starting to think it's not normal. I sleep great, I don't wake up once in the night, I hit the pillow, and sleep until the alarm goes off. I don't remember a dream, a turn, a rustle, nothing. I thought that was supposed to be good sleep, so why don't I just wake up refreshed. I'm hoping it's a phase, the last few days I've been working outside in the afternoons and I feel happier, but not less tired. Hopefully, as soon as summer comes I'll feel all energized again! Luckily, summer could be here any day now:).

Shoes can wash over me like a tsunami some times. I don't see the shoe need coming and then wham...there it is. This week we NEEDED 100's of dollars of shoes. Nathaniel & Eli have literally worn through the soles of their school shoes (and the sides-Eli wears a 4E-so the sides of his wide shoes wear out as well as the bottoms), Nathaniel can't fit into his church shoes without a few tears (too tight), and baseball season is coming up and Nathaniel's wide feet don't fit your traditional store bought cleats (and even though we have 15 pairs of cleats, none fit him), plus Zach's school shoes look like he's homeless and found them in a dumpster. I used to find great deals, and for a few bucks, everyone would be protected from the ground, but now...well good men's shoes are not cheap (Eli & Nathaniel-especially in 4E), I've tried the Payless variety and Nathaniel actually ran through his tennies in 2 weeks, I didn't think it was possible! So, I've been cured from Payless tennies shopping for boys. I like Holbirdsports on-line...they carry Brooks shoes for 1/2 the price of them at my local store, but still at $60 a pair when we need 5 pairs it adds up fast! I still remember needing school and church shoes for my 5 older ones all at the same time and when it cost like $150 I was in shock. Maybe we should get a cow for more than just the 3 gallons of milk we drink a day:)...JUST KIDDING!

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