Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spartan Race, Phoenix 2011

Ryon finished the Spartan Race yesterday. It is the only race he has done, even though he's wanted to do an endurance race for a long time. The Spartan Race was filled with climbing over 8' walls, water crossings, mud pits, pulling heavy concrete sleds, crawling under barbed wire, javalin throws, jumping fire pits, and fighting with gladiators. He has lots of bruises and scratches today, but mostly he's just happy that he finished it, and ran the whole 8 miles. After the adult race there was a children's race, my boys all ran in it and had a lot of fun.


Lacy said...

Congrats to Ryon and the boys. That's outstanding.

Lacy said...

That was Joe, but Lacy agrees.

Anonymous said...

If he is interested in doing it again, I have a coupon code he can use! just have him click on the arizona event page for next year and when he checks out, put in the promo code srwc19 and it will save him some $$$! Enjoy!