Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's my favorite holiday, definitely! There's not all the hype about presents, yet there's all the family time and traditions. And this year Mittens had her four kittens starting at about 12:30pm on Easter Sunday. It was amazing to watch. She chose to have them in the spinach bed in the courtyard. I'm glad I harvested most of the spinach Easter morning to make some delicious quiche from home grown rosemary, parsley, thyme, spinach, eggs, garlic, and onions, and also some mushrooms-not home grown. It was delicious, but seeing those kittens born was the highlight of my day. A perfect reminder of the re-birth we will experience because of my Savior's atonement.

We had a true Easter egg HUNT...some of my children would prefer an Easter egg see and pick up...but they really had to hunt this year. Some eggs were buried (I didn't hide those), some were under things, in things, hidden amongst densely growing poppies and bachelor buttons. It was a challenge...and those who chose to really participate had fun. Next year we'll make some changes, maybe eggs on the lawn for those who don't like to hunt (Savanah and Zach), eggs down low for those who can't see up high, and then really hidden eggs for the other two:).

I was feeling tired on Sunday with a sore throat, but by Monday it was obvious I was sick. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics for my strep throat. I went home and made a smoothie with 2 cups of parsley, 2 fresh oranges, and 2 fresh carrots. And drank up the whole thing. Then, I made a piece of home made wheat toast with two whole cloves of garlic and olive oil on it. Then, for dinner I made a savory soup of onions, garlic, celery, fresh herbs, home grown turnips and greens, carrots, and chicken -it didn't have salt or chicken bullion. I decided I should do my best to avoid salt and sugar. (Even though I made a german's chocolate cake on Easter Sunday for Eli's b-day-I didn't eat any.) And then I slept like 12 hours yesterday. And it all paid off!! Today I feel a million times better. There's still a trace of a sore throat, but I'm rejuvenated and able to keep up with my family and the house today. Antibiotics are great, but the Dr. said it'd take 3 days to feel the benefits. My prayers were answered and eating and resting sure help!

Ryon's truck broke down on Friday night. It was a huge disappointment! He had been planning every detail of a backpacking trip in the mountains with our 3 oldest boys. They had done all of the preparation and then 10 miles from their destination the truck stalled. The mobile mechanic that came out had really bad news, so the truck was towed back here to a mechanic and we're awaiting the complete picture. All we know now is it was $300 to tow it and $900 to take apart the head and see what's going on in there...ahh! It's been an expensive few weeks! But the worst part is the boys worked so hard to be ready for their camp out and all they got was 6 hours in the car, a sleepless night, and to come home two days early. Luckily, when they got home they were just happy to be here. Ryon's friend offered them his truck, but the boys were tired of riding in the car by then, so they just went for a mountain bike ride and called it good.

Easter weekend was nice and long! The four days felt like an eternity with all the different activities going on (a good eternity-like a real break). Nathaniel hit a home run at his baseball game Saturday (& three other games already this season). Eli asked me to take him on his birthday date on Saturday afternoon, since they weren't going backpacking, we went to the batting cages and he was smacking home runs (5 out of 6 at one point), but it rubbed the skin right off his hands-I guess that's the reason for batting gloves...it just seemed cute when he was little, but now there's a purpose. Friday afternoon Savanah was able to find 2 dresses she looks amazing in for Easter and a school dance, shopping and find dresses that are long enough, modest enough, affordable, and still cute seems to be less than easy now a days! But to find two in one trip was very rewarding... I better run, but now everyone seems to be healthy and happy and we're heading into summer. I'm loving life.

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