Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Desert Shade and Gardening Sweet Corn

Last year I planted corn, but out of 50 stalks I got about 50 kernels, each ear had maybe 4 or 5 kernels...a bit depressing. But this year the corn is looking great, much better than last year. It's already taller than Ry, so maybe 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall and it looks very healthy. Our bees should arrive in the beginning of May, so I'm hoping for fully developed ears of sweet corn this year:) a gardener can hope, can't she?

I'm just putting this questions out to everyone. I'm trying to shade my garden this year. On one side I have a little "shed" that is cemented into the ground and is very stable. But on the other end I have a trellis, which (from experience) moves when I put up my shade clothes. How can I secure shade even amidst monsoon rains and winds?
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