Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 to 1, Double Play, The Hives Have Arrived

10 to 1 is normally your odds of winning, but right now it's the ratio of people to cars at our house. Ryon's truck is STILL in the shop, but we're hoping to bring it home today:). My generous neighbor, Brother Adams, brough me two 5 gallon buckets of amazing fresh lemons the other night. I tried to put them in my fruit bowl, but there were a few too many, which kind of reminds me of all of us getting into our one car right now.

Our family garden is producing, not much is ripe, yet, but I have HIGH hopes!

Andrew had one of his last baseball games of the season last night and made the most amazing double play! He was second baseman, and the best player on the other team hit a pop fly to right field about 10 feet away from where Andrew was standing. He took off flawlessly, caught the ball, and without a second of hesitation (or coaching) he ran to first base and with the tap of his foot, he got the runner out, who's coach hadn't anticipated Andrew's flawless execution, so had never had the runner re-tagged 1st base before running to second base. Boy, 1st graders can sure impress me sometimes! That was one of those, "That's my boy!" moments! The perks of watching 100's of baseball games and playing in even more (backyard games) by the age of 7.

Yesterday afternoon the bee hives arrived!!! I'm so excited! It will probably be a year before we taste our own honey, but the time will fly by so fast! I still remember the 1st year of owning was disappointment after disappointment. But NOW, we get a dozen eggs a day, and the disappointments are few and far between.
I took this photo this morning. The peaches are so close to being ready to pick! Sigh...(that's a sigh of contentment and excitement). It's impossible to describe the texture and flavor of a fresh ripe peach, but it's deeply satisfying to grow them, and then eat them from our backyard! "The field is ripe, all ready to harvest." I wish I could really feel the missionary scripture, like I feel the peach harvest. Because when missionary work is as rewarding as picking fresh peaches, that's some good stuff! I do know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, leads me to do what is the best in this life. I'm so grateful for the map, and I know the guide I follow is complete and right. Now, who can I share it with? Because the gospel's fruit is even better than my backyard peaches!

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