Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday & Graduations!

Zach is AMAZING! I have to pinch myself sometimes to be sure I'm really his mother! He has a magnetic personality, he makes everyone feel like we really are the most awesome people in the world. He is full of compliments and fun! He is handsome, athletic, smart (verging on genius), artistic, and extremely kind. Last Saturday we celebrated his 10th birthday with some of his best friends (I say some because Zach used 40 card invitations and 13 e-mail invitations to invite his best friends to his party.) I think Zach gets the award for having the first co-ed party at our house. And he had a VERY fun party. Even Nana Jan and Papa Kirk were able to come! That always makes it fun! (My camera ran out of battery or I would have given you a glimpse of the fun they had.) Ryon and Eli made an awesome obstacle course with a full-on mud pit and wall climb, diving for quarters, and throwing Frisbees to buckets where the kids dunked their heads in water. There were lots of stations and everyone had fun, even if their feet burned on the drive way. There were hamburgers (Zach's favorites) and hot dogs, a fruit tower (which had to include watermelon and cucumbers), and chips. Zach asked for a baseball cake and my friend, Kelly, loaned me her round cake pan, so, the cake had a nice baseball on top of it.

We had four graduates at our house at the end of this year. Savanah finished at her junior high, Bea graduated from high school, Zach finished his time at his elementary school and Ry graduated from kindergarten. I'm so proud of each of them for their accomplishments. Zach, Andrew, and Ryon were all chosen by their teacher as the best boy student in their class, otherwise known as the citizenship award, plus all three of them received straight A's. A great accomplishment at their school. Zach recieved the Presidential Fitness Award. We went to Ryon's graduation and he looked like a little president signing his class mates graduation dogs, and getting his picture taken with all of the other children. Savanah received the presidential academic award for having an accumulative GPA above 4.0. She is very excited to be in 10th grade in high school next year. Bea received the Arizona scholar award for her amazing academic achievements this year. She is well deserving of her American diploma! We made Bea a homemade peach graduation pie with a cap on it and had a graduation dinner. I learned a lot about how high school graduation works at a huge high school, it was all so different from what I experienced in the little town I grew up in.

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Princess Gerty said...

Way to go grads!!! You are doing such a great job, Jeanette! I hope we (really) can get together soon!