Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome Home, Savanah!

We made some fun, delicious treats to welcome Savanah home from Girl's Camp. We dipped balloons in chocolate and then drizzled white chocolate over them, popped the balloons (and pulled them out), filled with vanilla pudding, and added berries, and fresh lemon balm from our herb garden. We had a few mishaps with balloons popping and sending chocolate flying all over us and the kitchen. Savanah arrived home an hour early just in time to see my face, shirt, & hair covered in chocolate-it didn't make for the bast welcome home hug, sorry Savanah. Savanah had the best year ever at camp and came home with lots of smiles and fun stories.

Mittens still has 3 kittens. Anyone want a really friendly cute kitten? Give me a call if you do! We love them, but 5 cats is probably too many, even though they never come into our house.

This summer is fun, but VERY hectic. I'd try to write about everything just the kids are doing, but it's an insanely huge amount of things, and we'd all feel tired after reading it, so let's just say some kids have more than 6 activities outside our house a day and there are 6 kids here now, so that's some 36 activities...CRAZY. I'm not doing all of this next summer. I few years ago we were this busy and then I said, "no more". And then years passed and I forgot why I had said, "no more." And now I remember and I'm thinking, how could I have forgotten this?!

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Princess Gerty said...

Wow. You always amaze me with your fancy treats and recipes! What a great welcome for your star girl!