Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Savanah's Birthday Party was lots of fun...except maybe the mega bloody nose she got from diving into Eden's leg...that was pretty gross. Liberty came into the house and said, "SOMEONE has a bloody nose and needs some paper towels." So, I grabbed the roll and headed out to our pool, only to see Savanah leaning over the flower bed with blood... (I'll not explain the rest, it was gross---even to me!) I'm not sure if she broke it...but it was close.
I LOVE Summer and this one has been fun! I've spent lots of time with all my children, mostly working on projects, but we have played some, too. We enjoyed family and the beach in San Diego over 4th of July. And now that swim team is over for us, it's more fun to remember the meets than it was to sit in the sweltering heat watching the meets:). Andrew with his little chiseled body made us proud and Ry did a great job for his first year to finish the swim season. Ry was one of his coach's 2 most favorite swimmers. The permanent ink on their upper arms (in the photos) indicates they were some of the fastest swimmers on their teams and were in butterfly relay races during this particular meet.

This summer will be over before we know it! And then we'll have a Brazilian exchange student, and it will be football season, again,

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Princess Gerty said...

Since we haven't been successful at getting together in person, I am so happy you have posted here so I can catch up with your family! Nice to "see" you!