Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Savanah-blonde Mulon (everyone laughed when she said it...), Eli-doctor (not pictured...I didn't see him in his costume this year), Nathaniel-karate guy, Zach-soldier, Andrew-alligator, Ryon-Ninja

I enjoyed this Halloween! I didn't stay home to wait for the 2 trick-or-treaters that meander into our neighborhood, or try to make some elaborate healthy dinner before my kids indulged in Hershey heaven, or try to come up with new costumes. We dug around in the dress-up bin and our closets to come up with adequate costumes, we grabbed pillow cases (coming up with 6 spares when we already use 10 on a regular basis is more difficult than you might think), walked down our street trick-or-treating to get to our ward's trunk-or-treat party, then went to Nathaniel's friend's neighborhood, where the kids trick-or-treated and Ryon and I visited with Jacob's parents, then we headed to the neighborhood where Eli had gone trick-or-treating after school with his buddy, Max. We made a few specific stops to say "Hi" to old friends and then headed home to drop off Savanah's friend, who had hung out with us all night. There was a lot of picking up and dropping off kids (with on average 9 people in our suburban), but Ryon and I got to visit, and laugh, sing, and dance all night long it was so fun. It really was the best Halloween in a long time. Plus, the kids got more chocolate than ever! Eli had the most with about 250 pieces! It might not count because his friend didn't want candy and divided it up between Eli and Max. Andrew had the least with 100 pieces...still, that's a lot!

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