Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Swim Meet of Savanah's Season

I'm so proud of Savanah! She has worked very hard and steadily improved all season long. She's in great shape and is happy with her own progress.

Well, I went to the first swim meet this swim season. And, even though I sat attentive in the stands...I only saw her swim once out of the three events she swam. There were no announcements to signal events, or schools, or anything. And honestly, I can't distinguish between 50 girls with matching swim caps, goggles, and swimming suits, even though my daughter is almost a head taller than most other girls (I do have a distinct advantage over other moms). Add to the confusion the trip digit temperatures, and well...I didn't go to many swim meets this year. But I did go to this final one. Savanah shaved 3 seconds off her time (and the long hair off of her legs, which she patiently waited 3 months to shave!) to earn the best time her relay received all season (by about 10 seconds, which is amazing!).

(In the top left picture I see Lacy and Ian...such a strong family resemblance!)

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