Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Days and Counting

Everyone is home! Our Christmas vacation has officially begun and there are only three days until Christmas! Savanah is curling up with a book and the boys are playing football out back. It's quiet, except for my Christmas music, and I'm feeling ready for the big day! Sigh & smile!

I make a lunch salad for Ryon almost every day of the year. And today it included: tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, radishes, and green onions -all from our garden!! It's so exciting! And delicious! We're supposed to get some cold nights here in the next few days, so I don't know if we'll keep getting our tasty garden treats, but I hope so! Our chickens are being super layers! This morning I had 10 dozen eggs in the refrigerator, and none of them are more than 7 days old! We have received amazingly delicious assortment of sugary confections this season!...Bea sent us Italian chocolates (like 20 pounds of hazel nut truffles and true European Nutella, and a slice of heaven...just seeing if you were really reading, but seriously they are amazing chocolates!), she knows us too well!), and a couple of our great friends gave us a few batches of home made almond rocca, and a HUGE box of homemade and decorated cookies (it appears that's what households that only have girls do at Christmas time-decorate beautiful Christmas cookies...they're so beautiful!) BUT my head is telling me, "STOP eating the sugar!" But my mouth is saying, "sure, another one sounds delicious! Thanks you!" The great dilemma, now it tastes the best because it was just made, but too much of a good thing, well, it gives me a headache and makes me want to sleep for way too long when it wears off. Good thing there are 9 other people here willing to eat it for me!


I volunteered at Ry's Christmas party this morning. Nathaniel wanted to come along, since he got out of school for Christmas on Tuesday, and Ry and Nathaniel made the cutest little "gingerbread house"! I didn't know Cheezits (sp?) came with letters on them now a days! They sure spice up a gingerbread house!

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