Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

I found this photo from this summer in Ryon's archived pictures, and thought it was too precious to pass up.

This was the best Christmas ever! We celebrated Christmas Eve with a meal fit for a king, with a pork crown roast with all the fixings. Then, we read Luke 2 and Matthew 2 (we didn't want to leave out the wise men). And we exchanged our secret Santa gifts, I received a gift certificate from little Ry for one hour of work:)...he knows what my favorite things are:)! Then we tucked everyone into the fort they've been making for a few days in Nathaniel and Zach's room. (It was a super cool fort! When the door is such it is like a tent, and it collapses to the ground when the door is open.)

On Christmas morning the kids started getting up at about 1:30am, Ryon nicely asked them to go back to sleep at 2:30am, I got out of bed at about 4:30pm (and stayed up all day long) and Savanah was up last at 5:30am. The kids were too excited to really sleep last night. I sure remember those sleepless Christmas Eve nights! I seem to have passed those feelings on to my own children. This year I labeled the stockings with names, so there weren't the stocking confusions we've had in years past. I think everyone received what they needed and wanted, I know I did. A long day with my family surrounding me. That's exactly what I asked for this Christmas!

Santa brought Ry and Andrew Razor Rip Riders, which are like big wheels, but with rear casters, and they spin 360 degrees when the boys apply their foot brakes. They seem to spin all around, and the boys love them!

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