Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Chicken Class!

Today was a full day! We taught our 9am-12pm chicken class (with another one on the calendar for next Saturday), full of greeting total strangers toting sharp knives at our front door, cutting off chicken heads together(again as a group of total strangers), today I realized there must be something like a reality t.v. show feeling for these souls. They come in blind, not knowing where we have them going, who we are, what our background is (except we kill our own food in our backyard), it almost sounds creepy. I think I can see the relief on their faces when I open my 10' iron front door and welcome them into my cozy living room, with the biggest, "relax, I'm not going to hurt you" smile I can muster. Thankfully, the majority of our class members are doctors, lawyers, Realtors, IT people, and scientists...not your typical "farmer". Today's class was just as fun to teach as the first one, although, I still get really nervous about teaching it! We have had 100% positive reviews, but I still get really worried someone won't learn anything from us...

So, all in all we butchered 25 chickens today. Eli played in 11 short basketball games this morning (winning 10) with his deacons' quorum, Zach played a baseball game (8-10), and Andrew and Ryon went to a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza, and Zach worked with his friend on a school project for 3 hours, Savanah did tons (literally 2 thousand pounds, just kidding) of homework...or at least 8 hours, and then for the rest of the day I prepared my lesson for tomorrow. I'm thinking that's why it's 8:01pm and I feel like I should be going to bed! It's been a lovely day, but I'm tired! I hope you have a great Sunday! I think after church I'll be taking a nap. At least that sounds like a good idea right now:).

Becoming self sufficient is fun and rewarding...and very time consuming and tiring! But I still like it. I'm really excited for the next few months...peach blossoms (and peaches), apples, tomatoes, and all the other foods that are about to burst out of our brown landscape.

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