Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back Flips!

Yesterday was a land mark day at our home! Eli has been working on back flips on the trampoline for a few weeks, not a small task at 170 pounds. There's a lot of weight to fall onto his head, and thus a lot of truly understandable fear at hurling that weight up and backwards and over. But last night, as Eli was making great head way, Andrew pipes up, "Doing a back flip was on my new years' resolution list. May I try?" And Eli, being the awesome big brother that he is, stepped aside with great drops of sweat running down his cheeks, so Andrew could give it a go. And after about 6 attempts Andrew did his first ever back flip on the trampoline and landed it on his feet. Luckily, Eli had run into the house for a bathroom break, so he didn't have to see his little brother master a trick that he's been truly working his tail off to master. But I have no doubt that Eli will have it soon, as long as he keeps trying every night. I remember being too big for a spotter myself and it is much harder to learn gymnastics when the only thing catching you is the ground and your head! I made a promise to myself to teach Zach and Ry how to do flips while I can still spot them...there's not much time left!

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