Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Growth of Every Kind!

Eli and Andrew have been experimenting with how high Eli can propel Andrew into the air on the trampoline. It's pretty high! The wall behind them is over 6' tall.

Five feet eleven and one half inches. That's how tall Eli was this morning with his "little" shoes on and his spiky hair (13 years old). He's tired every morning, I think he's just growing like a weed and apparently weeds need a lot of sleep. (I've been hearing that sarcasm can be very misunderstood when writing for things like blogs and facebook...that's why I don't write very much on facebook, and also why I'm very misunderstood:).) So, to be more realistic and clear...Eli is growing fast right now. He looks taller and broader in his shoulders every day! I'm not sure how tall he is barefoot, but a lot taller than Savanah and me (Savanah is beginning to look like his little sister!). This morning Savanah thought Eli was standing on his tip toes when we compared them, but he wasn't...that's how much changes over night! These pictures are from Christmas when I had a bout with cystic acne. It seems to come on about every 17 months, if you know what happens in our bodies on an every 17 months cycle, please let me know! The Dr. says I'm lucky it doesn't happen more often, luck or no luck, I'm grateful it only happens every other year. But it's times like these that remind me I'm so extremely grateful that I have a loving husband, children, parents, and sibling, that love me no matter how gross something on my face looks (because it goes away in it's own due time...even with injections from the dermatologist). And that my family are the people that love me at my worst and my best, just because they love who I am. Family is the best! Make your family work if you can...and yes, it is work, but if you can count the laughter, smiles, hugs, and kisses as payment, the pay is the best there is out there.

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