Friday, January 20, 2012

Itchy & Scratchy

Have I mentioned I'm my garden. It's not very pleasant, and so I don't talk about it often. But when I get all excited and spend hours weeding or thinning or taking out old plants, my eyes water and get puffy and my skin (any exposed to plant life) gets all swollen like a huge bee stung me, and the rest of me has little red splotches all over that itch. And so, Wednesday, when it was so beautiful, I went out and cleared a few rows in my garden, only to be rewarded with itchy welts... But I am counting my blessings because this fall my allergies were MUCH less annoying than they had been in the past! In the past I would wake with a waterfall for a nose and unless I did the stuff tissue up your nose trick, I would be literally dripping until 10am. But this fall I didn't have that problem. So, I'm hoping my healthy life style is going to improve my allergies, even if it is in baby steps. I can't give up growing's not that bad, yet. And what would we eat then?

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