Sunday, January 29, 2012


The peach and apple blossoms seem like they are early this year!! The weather is warm and wonderful! I fell asleep in the yard this was heavenly, until the boys came running and screaming to tell me Eli got stung by a bee...yet again. There's a hot hive next door, and they are trying to get it under control, but we are getting a sting a day now, on average...not our idea of perfect, by any means.

Nathaniel and Zach get to experience the pains and joys of braces together for the next few years. They are both good at brushing, which is always a relief to me! Their smiles have already changed a lot.

Andrew is a flipping machine now, between bee stings he heads out to the trampoline (braving the bees) and practices every second he gets! He's trying multiple flips, now.

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