Saturday, February 25, 2012

Aunt Jenny, 40th Birthday, 12th Birthday

Even though this week flew by, I enjoyed my time with my sister! We were busy planning and throwing a beautiful 40th birthday party and getting a fun 12th birthday party planned. We had fun going to the temple together a couple days and cooking, cooking, cooking, and baking some. We made from scratch: brownies, lemon bars, 2 German's chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, and chocolate chip cookies, plus pizzas, corn tortillas and tacos, and a lot more. We decorated the back porch like I've always wanted to do for a party complete with 10 year old Chinese lanterns that I've dreamed of decorating with for as long as I can remember! And finally everything just came together, the birthday, the food, the decorations, the photo slide show, and the help. Jen is a life saver! I couldn't have made Ryon's birthday party so wonderful without Jen's countless hours of help. Thanks, Jen!!! Sorry I didn't take more pictures when you were here. But I found this one and it goes well with the comment Eli made this morning with a smile on his face as he was playing Killer Bunnies, "It was so fun to have Aunt Jenny visit!"

Ryon is awesome! He is looking more like 32 instead of 40 years old, but I guess youth comes with spinach shakes for breakfast and salads for lunch, working out at the gym at 5am, and thinking happy thoughts. Ryon is great at letting our family know he loves us. He's smart, and athletic, and wants to be successful in everything he does. I love being with him more every day and was happy to throw him a 40th birthday party so our friends and family could celebrate the man I get to call my own. Happy Birthday, Ryon! I love you!

Nathaniel is celebrating his birthday today! Two parties back to's really easier this way, that's what I tell myself at least. I just finished decorating his cakes. He chose the sports theme again. And we are doing a scavenger/treasure hunt, pinata, and sports...that makes sense I guess. Nathaniel is growing up faster than the rest of my kids, can that happen? I always expect Savanah and Eli to be a year older, but when Nathaniel's birthday comes it always surprises me how old he is, it shouldn't though, he's almost as tall as I am.

I'm not fond of this new Blogger blog is all wacky and I don't have time to read the new directions...ugh! So, expect weird layouts for a while.

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