Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I really enjoyed our church services today, in the middle of the night when I was getting up with Nathaniel and Eli repeatedly, I wasn't sure I was going to church today, but we went (except Eli) and I'm so glad we did. We sang our praises to Our Savior, Jesus Christ. And I taught a lesson to the 11 year olds about the significance of Christ's Resurrection, and why it's important to us. The talks in Sacrament meeting were great, one speaker told a hypothetical story, you've probably heard it before, about the man who goes to heaven and before he can enter he has an interview where he is asked what he knows about Christ. He replies with the facts, immaculate conception, born to Mary & Joseph in Bethlehem, baptized by John the Baptist, teaches, works mighty miracles, crucified, resurrected after 3 days, the interviewer asks him if there is anything else, he replies no. Then, the interviewer gives him praise for his knowledge of his Lord and lets him leave the interview. The second interviewee has been listening through the door, and now enters the room. He recognizes his Lord, drops to his knees and worships Him. Of course, the lesson being, am I just learning about Him, or do I know Him.

After church we let our children find their Easter baskets and look for the 85 eggs that were hidden in the yard. Since, Eli is injured and on crutches for 14 days, Ryon carried his basket this year, which really changed things up, because Eli is normally our number one egg finder. We figure there are still 7 eggs unaccounted for somewhere in the back.

I enjoyed being together as a family this Easter. We had a nice day, quiet, but nice.

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