Sunday, April 8, 2012

WARNING!!! Graphic Images Included in Post

Some times 50 mile rides are just for fun, but this one was for a cycling merit badge and for fun. And no one was supposed to get hurt. But some times, things don't go exactly as planned. Ryon called me on Saturday afternoon, at about 1pm to say Eli had been injured at about the 40 mile mark, and they were taking him to an Urgent Care to get some stitches. Of course I wanted to meet them there, so Ryon told it was more than a little cut. When the doctor pulled back the skin and muscle to watch the Achilles tendon do it's thing before they would admit him, it made me queasy, and then a few more times I had to sit down and breath carefully, so, I didn't pass out or throw up. So, if you don't like blood or nasty pictures, it's probably better for you not to look at anything below this. Although, I left out the really gory ones when it was fully opened.

The Scouts at the beginning of their 50 miles.

After one look Andrew and Ry were grossed out!

The injury at rest, with some iodine around it, about an inch below the cut it is detached muscle and skin. (The doctor said it's the biggest laceration he's seen in quite a while, remember you are looking at a big ankle and foot.)

Part of the injury being stitched up.

Eli kept asking what was on his big felt gooey.

All done, 15 stitches outside, 4 stitches inside.

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