Friday, May 25, 2012

Disneyworld Swan & Dolphin Resort Part 2

Last year Ryon earned a reward trip (for this May) and this week we got to celebrate his success with him. 
Here's the view from our room.  We stayed at the Disneyworld Dolphin Resort just a boat ride from Hollywood studios.
We all had fun at Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom.  We ate a LOT, but slept a little, because we were having SO much fun!

Zach is our positive thinker, I think.  He always gets chosen as a volunteer when he wants to be chosen.  This day he got to hang out with the pirates, they said he was citrus boy, a combination of orange, lime and lemon, "He'll never get scurvy."  Zach had a lot of fun.

Wizarding World was very fun!  Everyone drank butterbeer until they wanted to throw up, seriously!  Ryon got motion sickness on the only roller coaster he rode the whole week.  Sorry Honey, those teenagers sure are persuasive, but that doesn't mean they know best:).
While Zach, Andrew, and Ryon were enjoying the kids zone activities at the resort I took Savanah (Eli and Nathaniel) shopping at Downtown Disney.  They are really fun to shop with at this age, they want to try EVERYTHING out! 

We were treated to Hard Rock Cafe the last night, we ate amazing cheesecake lollipops dipped in chocolate!  And then went to Universal Studios Adventure park to enjoy Wizarding World, with only other successful advisors.  We had so much fun!

I suppose you noticed Eli in the wheel chair.  His knees are excruciatingly painful all the time.  And so even though he didn't want to get it, we did so we could move faster through the parks, and to hopefully save his knees for when he's old, and they are supposed to hurt.  We are still trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing with his knees.  We think he has Osgood Slaughter Disease, which he will out "grow", but he has to stop growing first.  But as you can see above, he was well enough to stand and shoot socks into the ceiling of the sock store where Savanah was shopping.

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