Friday, May 4, 2012

Pandora's Hope

I've known the owners of Pandora's Hope for many (about 7) years, and they are doing great things with this router.  I use opendns (it's free and effective at cleaning up the Internet that is coming into your router)and Pandora's Hope (it's the router that further cleans it up) we can have a safe home for our children to use the Internet without worrying that the filth of the world will come into our home with all the good that is also available.  So, if you're interested in providing a safe computer experience for your kids and yourself, that's my two sense for the day (OpenDNSPandora's Hope).  I hear that Net Nanny is also good for the 3rd layer, but I haven't done that, yet.

Pandora's Story

According to Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first woman created. She was very beautiful, cunning, and curious. Zeus, the king of gods, gave Pandora a mysterious box with explicit instructions not to open it. Pandora became very curious to know the contents of the box, and one day succumbed to her curiosity. She did not act out of malice, but as the box opened, out came all the evils, ills, and diseases not previously known to mankind. When she realized what was happening she quickly slammed the lid closed. Unfortunately, the only thing that remained trapped in the box was Hope.

We feel strongly that this tragic story has virtually played out in our modern world. There likely exists in your home a little box that has the power to release many evils, ills, and diseases. This little box provides you with your Internet connection. Just like Pandora, you and those in your home are not malicious. However, history has taught that it is easy to succumb to curiosity.

The Internet can be very powerful and liberating! But some websites should never be seen. Some curiosities should never be satisfied. Some boxes should never be opened! But not being connected is no longer an option.

It is time for an effective solution to this problem! The solution is to reverse the effects of Pandora’s actions. We want to lock the filth back in the box. In so doing, hope would be set free. Our product does exactly that! It traps the evils and ills of the Internet inside the little box and emanates pure, clean Hope. It brings Hope that there is finally a responsible course of action we can all take to protect our homes from Internet Pornography.

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