Friday, May 4, 2012

May is Already Here?

Between bandaging and rebandaging Eli and then Zach, my few extra minutes, that I some times blog in, just evaporated last month.  Eli's foot got a lot worse before it got some what better.  I thought better of posting the worst of it.  He developed a HUGE blister about the length of the incision but much wider, and eventually, a slab of muscle and skin peeled away to reveal nice new skin beneath.  It's looking great right now.  He doesn't have any feeling beneath the cut for about an inch.  But hopefully that won't bother him, if it doesn't ever come back.  It'd make backpacking blisters more bearable:).

Zach was injured by the pitching machine as it rolled across his arm and back when he was trying to move it with it on.  Oops!  I don't think he try that again.  He's all healed up now, it was amazing to see the difference between a surface wound and a deep wound, they definitely heal differently!

Baseball has been going great!  Zach is the star of the team Ryon coaches and probably the best pitcher in minors.  Andrew is doing great, although having to hide in Zach's shadow this year.  Ry Guy had a great game as a pool player for a minor's team that was playing against Andrew & Zach's team.  Ry had the best hit of the game, which surprised us all and made his dad and brothers so proud of Ry.  Nathaniel's team has struggled this year, although, there was a huge upset when they beat the best major's team a few nights ago.  We'll have to wait to see how the season finishes up.

We had Eli's birthday party last weekend.  It was the first day he went without his crutches for the whole day and he had a lot of fun playing with his buddies.  I love to see that young men still have fun with the games they enjoyed as boys.  Eli has a great bunch of friends!

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