Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Harvest

This morning was amazing!  We (Ryon and I) picked a huge a bowl of tomatoes and a zucchini, 2 bowls of apples, and a bowl of peaches.  We are so grateful for the bountiful harvest from our own backyard!  It's beautiful, delicious, and humbling to have so much abundance at our finger tips, we couldn't do it on our own.  We are past the skeletonizers and it looks like we will have a great grape harvest this summer! :)  I'm so excited!

Ryon built a shade structure over our garden, which I hope extends the growing season for us.  The extreme heat hasn't hit, yet, so the garden still looks green and the tomatoes are still forming. :)  The grape vine has made its way over the arch I built with masonry ladder.  I like how it frames the pool gate.

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