Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

 Water polo has begun for the summer.  Zach and Nathaniel are the only ones playing this year.
 Our yard is producing in abundance!  I get a little overwhelmed some days, canning peaches, juicing grapes, peeling garlic, collecting eggs, they are all great things, but they all take time and time is really precious (and evasive) right now.
 Zach turned 11!  I made him an ice cream cake, but it was eaten by the time his birthday rolled around, so he got this store bought mousse cake for the actual birthday, I'll make him another ice cream cake for his party.
Zach is pitching for his all-star's team. In the first game he pitched 3 innings and the other team only scored once!  He's an awesome lefty pitcher and Ryon gives lots of great encouragement as a coach.

Besides that we are busy with Eli's football 2 hours a day, Savanah and Zach's swim team, basketball camp, and having 3 extra boys here everyday...10 kids are here today...it's fun, and definitely busy!

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