Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I VOTED TODAY! Why Should I vote for Romney?

"I VOTED TODAY" that's what my new little sticker says.  Actually, I turned in my absentee ballot, and Ryon's and a teacher's from my little boys' school.  I took a lot of time to study out the candidates this year.  Just living here for a while has helped me be a better informed voter, we run into candidates at the baseball fields and other events, I have gotten to know who I trust...and well, who is really just a stereotypical politician.

I'm voting for Romney in the November election. Next President Mitt Romney  Obviously the "he's a Mormon" discussion is a mute point for me.  Seriously, the Mormons I know give to their community, religion, and schools more than any other collective group I know about, we believe in educating our people about everything worth being educated about from the arts to the sciences to history and religions (yes, we study all of them!), we read to our children every day, we live on average about 10 years longer than the average American (because we don't drink alcohol or smoke, maybe?), we try our best to emulate our Savior Jesus Christ (giving to our community and also to our church, which gives to the world), we worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, we believe there is a life with God after this life-and we want to live worthy of that life, we believe nothing is more important than our families and raising them properly with values and virtues, we work hard because it is a virtue, when we are called to leadership positions in our religion it is not to gain glory, but to give service.  Romney appears to have done those things, and done them well.  To me, that means he can be trusted.  And that's a quality, I'd like to have in my next President of the United States of America.  

It helps that Ryan, from my homeland Wisconsin, joined his ticket (and that he seems to be honest, and he studies history...I personally think it repeats itself).  I think the number one reason for my vote is my frustration with Obama's immature understanding of world finances.  It appears to me that of all the past presidents he is a front runner in thinking America's pockets are endlessly deep...and I'm worried for my children.  Savanah is already discussing how the medical career she has wanted to pursue is changing for the worse, and how the future of medicine and taxes could kill her dreams, short of socialized education...it's probably coming, right?  She did a short internship this summer at a Dr.'s office and the Dr. was pretty upset with the new health care system Obama has supported. 

Also, I'm decidedly pro-life.  I once asked my little children, when I was pregnant, what they thought of getting rid of our unborn baby...guess what their answer was...tears, lots and lots of tears.  Are you kidding me, we shouldn't be taking the life of an unborn child, unless? what?  I've known a lot of pregnant women in my little life.  And I've had 2 friends that gave birth and kept children conceived from rape.  I've had a friend keep a baby with a chromosomal deformity, he couldn't function on his own, and I watched her give her everything for 4 months to keep him alive, she grew immensely from the life changing service, and wouldn't trade it for anything.  I've seen a friend keep a defective baby, only to find out that the ultrasound that showed 1/2 of his brain was missing wasn't able to show that the 1/2 that was left  functioned for the whole brain...he was a smart little boy, even with 1/2 a brain, amazing!  I know at least 6 adopted adults raised by parents other than their birth mother.  And I treasure those friendships.  I believe in life, it is not ours to give, or mine to take, and if it is free to take, Americans will take it.  I believe that you can use birth control (if you want to)...I did, why do you think I only had 6 kids in 9 years instead of 12?  But I believe if you use it, you should buy it yourself, it's a better thought out decision when your hand is getting the dollar out of your own pocket.  And I know self control is almost obsolete in our society, but it could have a come back!  It's a less discussed option, but none the less the most effective.

I'm also voting for Romney, because I know what his service for his country, community, business, family, and church mean.  It means he is going to look out for the best interest of our country.  It's a hard job to juggle all the aspects of being president.  There's a big world out there that is in a lot of turmoil...but America doesn't have endless resources to help everyone.  I believe American aid is critical in helping around the world, but it has to be carefully thought out!  There are ripples from American aid, it hurts some and helps others.  And Romney has had the experience with giving and the repercussions that Obama is lacking. 

Ultimately, I'm judging Obama on his last 4 years...and I don't think he deserves another four years, I'm not willing to risk him using his Presidential powers to put into action new ways of doing things that we the American people have voted against, and that the congress has voted against.  Obama is the president, but when his voice is not the voice of our people, I am betrayed when Obama chooses to do what he wants to be done.

I'll continue to follow the campaigns, but my vote is decided.

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